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What I Am Doing Now


Luna Moth Sees Its Reflection
Luna Moth Sees Its Reflection
Crystals On Brown Paper
Crystals in Blue
Nine Acorns
Nine Acorns
Magnolia at Dusk
Magnolias at Dusk
IMG_4237 2.JPG
Cactus Flower Mandala on Graph Paper
Calm and Golden Light: Mixed Media Mandala. Part of the Mandala series.
Poplar leaf

Poplar Leaf: Mixed media, paint strokes, photography

The Magic Poppy

The Magic Poppy: Watercolor background, Mixed media collage, gold leaf, photography

Leggings Mock up

Leggings and other functional pieces: Fabric designed with my original artwork on it. 

Chinese lanterns

Chinese Lanterns Repeating :Mixed media


Wisps: Mixed media collage, photography

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